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Even though the Photo-Drop images are completely free to you, if you want us to retouch your image you call us with a CC over the phone and give us the image number you want retouched. If you purchase an 11x14 or larger through us the retouching is FREE. These images are complementary from the Bride and Groom. The logo will not Appear on the downloaded images.
De La Garza_001De La Garza_002De La Garza_003De La Garza_004De La Garza_005De La Garza_006De La Garza_007De La Garza_008De La Garza_009De La Garza_010De La Garza_011De La Garza_012De La Garza_013De La Garza_014De La Garza_015De La Garza_016De La Garza_017De La Garza_018De La Garza_019De La Garza_020

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